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We have today come to April 1, 2018, which I mean now is more ready to show you what I'm doing.

The story of Main Empire Special
aka Nikolaj Rimon Eskerod's Main Empire Special

I have for some time been playing with the idea of developing a game purely in code (HTML, PHP, CSS, JS). That is to say a game without photos, images, or any other graphic content, where characters and objects are mentioned and described, but the actual look is left to the player's imagination. The strategy game Main Empire Special is my first project, and depending on how it is being received, it will be developed further in the future.
It has also been important to me that a player can sit down and read about how the various elements work, and thereby get more out of the game than those who simply aim to be at the top of the leaderboard (that type of players are of course also welcome). That means that if you know the game well, you can quickly climb up the leaderboard by knowing who and when to attack, which tasks to solve first, etc. However, this part of the game will only be completed later.

"Hello World" version
The game is so far a pre-release alpha. To me that means that there is still a lot to do, before I will begin marketing the game anywhere other than here. However, I am certain that there are very few errors in what I have done, so I am ready to show Main Empire Special to any visitor reading this. If you as a visitor to this website come across anything that appears to be an error or does not look right, then please feel free to contact me here: Contact

I am dyslexic, so please bear with typos etc. in the game.

You can try the Main Empire Special here: Main Empire Special

Main Empire® Special is a game make of team from Universe of Games.